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Razor Stand

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- 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
- Hard anodized aluminum


- Length

50 mm

- Length

50 mm

- hight

85 mm

The Essence razor stand provides hygienic and safe razor storage. It’s the perfect addition to your bathroom counter or barber station.
The stand is CNC machined out of solid 17-4 ph stainless steel and handfinished.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ola N Sweden
Don’t forget to include the stand!

I bought the Tedalus Essence without the razor stand. Soon I regret that, the razor is so beautiful and deserves to be put in a stand. So now when I bought Tedalus Essence Ouroboros I decided to also buy the razor stand.
It is a very well designed and well crafted stand in great material. The razor perfectly fits on it. It is heavy and feels secure.
I put my Tedalus Essence Ouroboros a little bit open on the stand. That give me the opportunity to look at the beautiful razor instead of putting it inside my desk drawer where I can’t see it. And Tedalus Essence Ouroboros is for sure worth looking at.
So if you buy a Tedalus razor, I recommend you to also include the stand.

Thank you very much for your review Ola!
I'm happy to hear that you like the Ouroboros razor and I wish you many more great shaves.

Paul Blackmore

The Tedalus razor is too pretty to be hidden away and too artistic to be left just lying on a shelf so this really is the only appropriate way to display it. It's very solid and well-crafted and whilst expensive it's practically essential.

Gianfranco Ghibaudo

I bought the stand. Arrived in a short time, very beautiful and functional, the Tedalus cannot be without its stand, so I recommend it.

Thank you very much for your review!

Essence stand

Just a beautiful match to the perfect razor.

I’d recommend those looking to get a razor to also include the stand.

Thank you so much for your second order and the review!

Jack Katzman
The perfect Match

I wasn't going to spend the money but I got a coupon so I decided why not. The Essence and the holder look like art work on the counter. The holder does not disappoint. It's as ascetic as the Essence and the quality is exceptional. Holds the razor snug. WELL DONE!

Dear Jack
Thank you very much for your review!