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Essence Razor

할인 가격¥70,100

한정판 333개 매진

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Stand: Stand included
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재료 블레이드홀더

17-4ph 스테인리스 스틸

재료 손잡이


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Essence 면도기는 단순한 일상 면도기가 아닙니다. 단지 좋은 면도를 제공하는 일반 면도기를 찾고 있다면 Essence Razor는 적합하지 않습니다. 이 면도기는 디자인, 장인정신, 최고의 직선 면도기 면도 경험을 중시하는 남성을 위해 제작되었습니다.

모든 Essence 면도기는 가장 순수하고 최고 품질의 금속으로 만들어집니다. 이 금속은 견고한 빌렛으로 성형되고 각 부품이 개별적으로 CNC 가공되어 0.05mm라는 놀라운 정밀도를 달성하는 최첨단 시설로 이동됩니다.

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스위스의 심장부인 루체른에 위치한 Tedalus는 전통과 현대 미학이 조화를 이루고 있는 곳입니다. 우리는 유서 깊은 전통과 현대적인 디자인을 결합한 탁월한 그루밍 도구를 제작하는 데 전념하고 있습니다.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Álvaro Contreras Ramírez
Impressions and suggestions

The razor works wonderfully and the seams that hold the spine are almost unnoticeable, I was surprised by the strenght of the magnets which hold the razor together, the monkey tail gives a really comfortable variety of grips sitting well in the hand, the overall design is beautiful. It's expensive but worth the investment, it shaves like no other. The Tedalus team was really kind and atentive. Overall I'm really happy.

I'm adding here a couple design suggestions for future versions of the essence: I like the stand, however i think it would look slicker without those two holes in the bottom back of the handle and just having a case to store it. To avoid using rubber to stop the blade from touching the handle I'd make the handle groove narrower to hold the spine at the middle, the plastic in the pivot pin could maybe just be removed and substituted for oil instead to make it look better. At the pivot end I would adjust more the handle to the shape of the screw. I think the gap between the end of the monkey tail and the handle when unfolding could be smaller. The handle's edges could be more rounded specially at the bottom tip, however I understand the design choice here, this is just more of a matter of personal taste. These are very minor changes and I think would suit the style of your company of precision, elegance and durability, however your product is close to perfect already, so I have no complaints. You could also maybe experiment with titanium, even though from what i understand it's harder to work with it.

Way Beyond Expectation!

I knew from the outset it wouldn’t disappoint, but, realistically, how much better could it possibly be as compared to other AC razors? Well, it’s streets ahead of anything else in the category! Immediately feels natural in your hand. The very first shave felt like I’d been using it for a while. Manoeuvrable, not too light and super efficient. Nothing comes close to it, in my humble opinion. The stand makes it for a beautiful display too, so, if in doubt, definitely buy paired with the stand. The only drawback: you might feel the urge to shave more often than usual.

Thank you very much for your positive review!
I wish you many more great shaves.

todd Smith

Fit and finish is excellent. Solid

Thank you very much for your positive review!
I wish you many more great shaves.

Andrew H.
New Shavette in Chicago

Great quality. Great that any blade can fit. Super easy to load as they fit like a glove. I look forward to continue to practice with it.

Hello Andrew

Thank you very much for your positive review!
I wish you many more great shaves.

Dave Eisenhuth Owner, The Shaving Cadre Forum
Essence X3

This is actually my third essence razor as a Professional Barber in Barbershop Owner. I have found that when I’m not using an actual straight this is the closest to that. I also have one that I use regularly at home and one in reserve just in case it’s a fantastic piece of machinery, and the closest you will ever get to a true straight razor and that’s coming out as only a enthusiast but also as a professional Master Barber. Paired with a feather pro guard blade. It is just perfect.

David Eisenhuth, Master Barber/Proprietor
Hombres Barbershop at SaddleBrooke Ranch
@barberdave on Youtube

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder

Hello Dave
Thank you so much for your detailed and positive feedback and sharing the video! We're thrilled to know that our Essence Razor meets your high professional standards and that it's become a dependable tool both at work and at home.

Klaus Höhn
Das beste was ich jemals hatte

Ich bin ein totaler Rasiermesser Fan und habe einige sehr gute unter anderem Messer von Koraat , aber durch eine Empfehlung kam ich zu Tedalus und bekomme nicht mehr genug davon . Die Verarbeitung, die perfekten Rasuren , ich bin ohne Worte , genial

Hallo Klaus

Ich bedanke mich aufrichtig für Dein Lob und freue mich riesig, dass Dir unser Essence Rasiermesser so gut gefällt.

Tomas Fernandez-Herrerin Santoro

Excelente terminación, cómodo el sistema de carga de hoja. Comido afeitado

Thank you very much for your review Tomas!

Ralf Keller
Best Shavette ever!

Die beste Shavette, die ich jemals in Händen hielt! Großartig verarbeitet! Geniales Handling! Und die Kundenfreundlichkeit bzw Service sind vorbildlich! Sehr freundlicher Kontakt und super schnelle Lieferung! Vom Rasurergebnis könnte ich nicht zufriedener sein! Love it 😍

Hallo Ralf

Vielen Dank für die tolle Bewertung und die netten Worte!
Wir wissen dies sehr zu schätzen! Ich wünsche Dir noch viele tolle Momente mit Deinem
Essence Rasiermesser.

Jemes Zaro

Very good and high quality i love it , i am a barber I use it for single edge and feather blades it’s so easy to use . If you want to make your life easy just purchase Essence razor.

Tedalus Shavette

Very good shavette perfectly finished! Lies very well in the hand and is perfectly balanced. For me stand the half blades a little too far out, unfortunately, could not try various other blades such as Feather or Kasho. Nevertheless, it is very high quality razor and well made. Would me at any time to get one again!
Master hairdresser and barber for 20 years.
With shiny J.Thomann

Hello Thomann

Thank you so much for your review! I highly suggest that you try Feather blades if you have the opportunity. To me, the razor shows its full potential when it is used with single-edge blades such as Feather, Schick, etc.

I wish you many more great shaves!