Tedalus is a Swiss-based design grooming brand, founded in 2019 by Swiss designer, Manuel Mikasi. Deeply entrenched in the transformative power of rituals, Manuel was fascinated by the time-honored tradition of wet shaving.

To him, it wasn’t merely a grooming task; it emerged as a powerful ritual allowing men to pause from their fast-paced lives, connect with their core selves, and reenergize. With renewed clarity and focus, it empowers men to live each day to its fullest potential, ensuring each moment is maximized in a conscious and purposeful manner.


Tedalus perceives its products not merely as tools but as expressions of excellence and artistry. In pursuit of the extraordinary, Tedalus forges a path away from mediocrity, crafting functional art with an obsessive focus on detail, craftsmanship, and superior finish.

The aim is to seamlessly blend cutting-edge design with time-honored tradition, resulting in creations that defy expectations and redefine shaving. Each Tedalus piece is a symphony of art and engineering, carefully crafted to strike the perfect balance between form and function.



Whether it’s the curvature of a historic monument, the silhouette of nature’s wonders, or a personal moment of reflection, the search is for the spark that will define the soul of the ensuing product. This phase ensures that every Tedalus creation is imbued with deeper meaning and a story waiting to unfold.



Marrying the old with the new, traditional wet shaving aesthetics are seamlessly blended with modern design principles. Each line, curve, and contour is meticulously crafted with intent. It is in this phase that the Tedalus ethos truly comes to life, transforming mere ideas into tangible blueprints of artistry.



As the designs begin to materialize on paper, the Prototyping Phase injects life into them. Through 3D printing, the first physical embodiment of the vision emerges. This is the initial opportunity to see, touch, and feel the product. Its functions and ergonomics are analyzed, ensuring the creation is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functionally flawless.



The products undergo a series of tests to simulate real-world usage.

Feedback is gathered, refinements are made, and testing is repeated. It’s a repetitive process, but one that is steadfastly adhered to, ensuring that every Tedalus product delivers an unparalleled experience.



Leveraging cutting-edge technology and the unmatched skills of craftsmen, each Tedalus piece is forged with obsessive attention to detail. From material selection to the final finishing touch, it is ensured that the products aren’t just made, but are crafted with a passion that reflects the very essence of Tedalus.


Our mission at Tedalus is to craft not just razors but symbols of excellence and artistry. Through a keen focus on design and quality, we aim to inspire men to embrace the wet shaving ritual as a transformative experience that fuels their day with renewed focus and energy.

In a world where many products feel indistinguishable from one another, my driving passion is to create something truly unique. My sole focus is to bring designs to life that stand at the intersection of artistry and masterful craftsmanship. Where others may hesitate to push boundaries, I find my greatest inspiration. By fusing exceptional design with the highest level of craftsmanship, I aim to not just produce items, but to craft experiences that captivate the senses and transform the daily routines of individuals.

- Manuel Mikasi

Our Core Values

At Tedalus, design is the heartbeat of our creations, marrying aesthetics with functionality.
It's a symphony of form and purpose, where every curve and line is conceptualized with thoughtful precision.


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