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What problem does the Essence razor solve?

Until now men had two choices, a traditional straight razor or a modern shavette style straight razor (barber razor).

Traditional straight razors are iconic, built of high-quality materials and deliver a unique shaving experience. Unfortunately, maintaining a sharp edge is a challenge. Having to constantly strop and sharpen your razor is a daunting skill to learn and can be a time-consuming task.

Enter the Barber straight razor or shavette, which uses disposable blades to eliminate that tiresome post-shave maintenance.

This revolutionary invention allowing razor blades to be exchanged on an open blade razor could have taken straight razors to a new level. But unfortunately, the opposite was true.
When compared with a straight razor, shavettes are mostly cheap, practical tools. Often mass-produced from inferior materials, they lack the finesse, craftsmanship, and unique shaving experience that comes with a traditional straight razor.


The Essence razor:

The Essence razor combines all the aspects of a traditional straight razor with all the practical features of a modern barber straight razor.
It's the world’s first straight razor in a replaceable blade format. That means it delivers an authentic straight razor shaving experience instead of the typical less forgiving shavette shaving experience. And all without stropping or honing.

The Essence razor is a functional piece of art. A precision shaving instrument created for barbers and wet shavers who are looking for a bit more than just a simple tool. The Essence razor is an all-in-one package that provides you with all the features you need on your wet shaving journey.



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