We craft each of our luxury razors in limited batches, ensuring the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship you expect. This meticulous process, carried out by expert artisans, takes time. That's why we operate on a preorder system—it's how we guarantee that everyone who desires one of our exclusive razors gets their chance, without compromising on the exceptional standards we hold ourselves to.

Our Preorder Process Explained

At Tedalus, we are dedicated to crafting each of our luxury razors with the utmost care and precision, which naturally limits the number of razors we can produce in each batch. To manage this exclusivity and ensure our dedicated customers have access to our latest creations, we've established a straightforward preorder process. Here's how it works:

Join Our Waitlist

Step 1: Once a product sells out, we open our waitlist. Sign
up to be among the first to know when preorders for the next batch begin. This is your best bet to secure a razor from our limited runs.


Preorder Your Razor

Step 2: When the preorder period starts, you'll receive an early notification to place your preorder directly on our online store. This step guarantees your spot in the next batch.


Enjoy Priority Shipping

Step 3: Once your preorder is confirmed, rest easy knowing your razor will be among the
first to ship. All preorders receive priority in the shipping queue, ensuring you get your exclusive razor before we announce the public launch of the new batch.


Why Preorder?

Preordering is the best way to ensure you receive one of our meticulously crafted razors without the wait. Given the immense time and expertise invested in each batch, production is naturally limited. Preordering secures your exclusive piece from the upcoming batch, bypassing the uncertainty of public availability.


Alternatively, Wait for Public Launch

You may choose to wait until the razors are available for public purchase. However, be aware that if a batch sells out through preorders alone, the razor will not hit
public sale, potentially delaying your chance to own one for several months until the next batch is ready.