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Discover a new dimension of shaving with the Velocity-One razor, where every stroke offers not just precision but a serene escape. This marvel, inspired by the aerodynamics of Formula 1, transforms your daily shave into a luxurious ritual of relaxation and rejuvenation. Feel the stress of the day melt away as advanced engineering meets the art of relaxation, making every shave a moment to look forward to.


Crafted with Swiss precision, the Velocity-One is a testament to unparalleled quality and design.


Engineered with 0.02 mm precision CNC machining.


Constructed from 316L stainless steel, the Velocity-One is a lifelong investment.

Hand finished

Each Velocity-One razor is hand-polished to perfection, reflecting a dedication to superior finish.


Sale price€999,95

STAND: Stand included

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The Circular Precision

The top cap and baseplate, when combined, manifest a symphony of symmetry, achieving a perfectly harmonized circular shape. Such artistry is realized through an incredibly advanced and intricate CNC machining process, wielding extreme precision with tolerances as fine as 0.02 mm. Furthermore, the mirror-polished surfaces ensure a smooth and comfortable glide, enhancing the shaving experience to unparalleled levels.

The Pinnacle of Surface Finishing

The brushed & hand-polished finish speaks to hours of meticulous labor, embodying a process where patience meets passion, resulting in an unparalleled aesthetic brilliance.


Sculpted Grip, Spiraled Elegance

The handle, a testament to refined craftsmanship, boasts a signature tapered cylindrical form that elegantly extends from end to end. Intricately graced with a spiral diamond knurling, it offers an enhanced grip that feels both luxurious and secure. Beyond its striking aesthetics, this complex and mesmerizing pattern stands as a hallmark of advanced engineering, made possible only by the precision of multi-axis CNC machines.

Unparalleled Balance

Within lies a hollow core, meticulously calibrated to provide an intuitive balance in hand. A fusion of design, technology, and purpose.


The Velocity-One safety razor is fully compatible with standard double-edge blades. These blades are not just versatile but easily accessible, available atmultiple retailers and online stores worldwide—ensuring that wherever life takes you, the superior shaving experience of the Velocity-One remains effortlessly within reach.


Create Your Own Empomwering Ritual

Transform your shave into an empowering ritual. Artfully designed, each glide offers unparalleled smoothness and efficiency. It's not just about grooming—it's an act that fuels your day with focus and energy, blending tradition with modern elegance in every glide.




316 L Stainless Steel

316 L Stainless Steel


Mirror polished & brushed

Mirror polished & brushed


112 g

3.95 oz


98 mm

3.85 in


45 mm

1.77 in


Crafted from premium material with the utmost attention to detail.

Choosing the Velocity-One Razor is not merely a purchase; it's a lifelong investment in quality and self-care. This razor goes beyond being a simple grooming tool; it embodies a long-term commitment to superior performance and durability.

Your Journey Etched in Steel.

Each Velocity-ONE Razor is more than a tool; it's a piece of art with its own identity. Every razor comes with a unique number and a certificate of authenticity, marking its individuality.

Engraved Serial Number

On top of the baseplate of your Velocity-ONE Razor, you'll find an engraved model and serial number, making your razor truly unique.

Certificate of Authenticity

In addition to useful information about the Velocity Razor, the product pass also includes a certificate of authenticity.

Lifetime Warranty Card

Each Velocity-One Razor comes with a lifetime warranty, as indicated on a matching warranty card included with your razor.


Located in Lucerne, the heart of Switzerland, Tedalus stands as a testament to the blend tradition and contemporary aesthetics. We are dedicated to crafting exceptional grooming instruments that merge time-honored traditions with modern design.


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Super amazing

This razor is fantastic! I get a perfect shave every time I use it. It looks sleek and fits perfectly in my hand, with just the right weight. You can tell that the creator put much effort into designing this razor. The geometry of the soap channels and the smooth, rounded edges make it a wonder to behold. The finish is incredibly polished, soft, and slick, like glass. It makes every other razor I've used seem clunky in comparison. And the shaves I get are incredible. The Velocity-ONE is one of the best razors in my collection. I don't mean to take away from other razor makers, but the Velocity-ONE delivers, especially if you have sensitive skin. You can apply pressure without worrying about getting cut, and it still provides an efficient shave.
The packaging was cool as well. The added serial or lot number and the booklet or certificate of authenticity add a pleasant luxury experience to the razor. I don't know what the packaging adds to the monetary value, but it makes for a conversational piece I genuinely enjoy.
My only riff is that I don't have a stand (it was unavailable at the time of purchase), but Mr. Manuel quickly responded to my email, so hopefully, I will soon have one.
I would not sleep on this one if you enjoy collecting excellent razors.

Simone Funes

good evening Tedalus team, my experience with your razor was positive, it's a fabulous razor, the only thing that perhaps would have been even better was to have 2 models, a standard one and one with a longer handle

Velocity One

I have used the Velocity 13 times now and every shave was to my satisfaction. I have used and still use other different high end razors, but the Velocity is a class of it's own..
Sure it's pricey, sure I have other razors that give me the same comfortable, nice shave, but the shave with the Velocity is the longest lasting!
The craftmenship is outstanding! A pleasure to look at! Thanks!

Charles Evans
The Tedalus Velocity-One Safety Razor

The Tedalus Safety Razor is a true masterpiece, not only does it perform well, the fit and finish is outstanding. It’s the perfect combination of brushed and polished finish. I own several safety razors, but this is my favorite. It has the perfect blade feel depending on the blade used. The Feather blade cuts to perfection in this Velocity-One Safety Razor. Even though I have multiple safety razors including this one that will outlast me, let me tell you why I bought it. Yes, it’s a beautiful razor with a gorgeous stand that screams “Razor of Razors” that cuts as well as it looks. This razor resembles the Formula One car perfectly without a doubt. I got this razor out of pure inspiration and aspiration. There are many people in this world with brilliant ideals, some go through with their dreams and some their dreams get lost, but for this man to have had a vision and drew up a Formula One Razor, perfected it, had it made, and sold his vision is pure dedication!I don’t know what it cost him to have it done or anything but it got done and I have one! JOB WELL DONE, Mr. Manuel! FEATHER BLADE IN THE COCKPIT READY TO PERFORM!

Steph O
A Masterpiece!

Where to even begin with this razor!
Firstly, let’s get price out of the way, yes, it’s expensive, but if you are in the fortunate position to be able to afford and justify a purchase of this value then it’s worth every penny.
I’ve been DE shaving for just over 20 years now and have a very course beard and sensitive skin, probably the worst combination you can get. I was quite relieved when I saw that the Velocity-ONE comes bundled with Feather blades as this is my go-to blade, however, due to its ultra-sharpness doesn’t always work seamlessly in every razor I own.
From the moment you get the razor and open the box you know you’ve purchased something special. From the execution of the premium packaging and accessories to the superlative build quality, machining, weight and hand finishing, it is exquisite to behold and use.
I was a little concerned when first handling the razor as the knurling on the handle is very smooth, but during a shave when your hand is wet the grip increases significantly and is the best I’ve had from any razor whilst maintaining a very high level of comfort. It’s on par with the Rex Konsul but even more comfortable.
Loading the blade is easy and once the three-piece razor is assembled it offers a reassuring blade clamp that can only be described as perfect.
One of my other most favourite razors is the Blackbird TI and I’ve been using this extensively over the past year or so. Due to the weight difference with the TI being so light in comparison to the Velocity-ONE I had to adjust my shaving style and remember to let the weight of the Velocity-ONE do the work. Once this was dialled in the shave is superb! As many have mentioned it’s aggressive enough to get through 4 days’ worth of growth efficiently and achieve a smooth BBS in two passes. It’s a very well-balanced razor and after just 2 shaves it now feels like I’ve owned and shaved with it for years.
It’s also worth noting that Manuel was very quick and patient when replying to my emails initially prior to purchase and the shipping speed etc was all first class.
Credit to Manuel and his team for entering the DE market, taking their time to design and manufacturer what I would consider a true masterpiece in this category. A new benchmark has been set and I am equally excited to see what they come out with next as I am for my next shave!


Well, I never thought that I would ever be using the words “excellent smooth shave” and “Feather blades” in the same write up!
I’ve just never got on with Feather blades in the 55 years that I’ve been using a DE in any of my razors, even the RS-10 and always found them really harsh and uncomfortable.
As they came with the Tedalus razor and a friend pretty much said the same as what I have about the blades, I thought it would be rude not to try them.
I can now see what all the hype is about with the Tedalus and it certainly tamed the blade for a really enjoyable, smooth and efficient shave to the point of wondering if to move on all my other razors……thankfully that thought was a quick one.
The quality and workmanship on the razor is outstanding and easily justifies the price tag.

Vojislav Kostic

Last 10 days I have been shaving with Velocity-One exclusively, using different blade every time, and these are my impressions.

It is so well built that I can say that no razor from my shave den is a match. I own multiple high end razors, such as Rocnel Master Series, Wolfman WR1 and WR2 (both polished), Carbon, Haircut&Shave P076, but Velocity-One already holds a special place. It is perfectly balanced, clamps the blade impeccably, no blade chatter whatsoever. Despite neutral blade exposure (which was my biggest concern), it provides perfect and close shave every time. I am a daily shaver, my beard is thick and coarse, but this razor literally glides through it with an ease.

On my first shave I was blown away! Very smooth, and very efficient. My ultimate challenge against the grain on mustache area. Again, perfect! Very, very smooth. Every shave was exactly the same, same results, same enjoyment. No irritation, no nicks, no cuts, just pure perfection. Last, but not least, audio feedback is also superb.

I am so glad that I put my hands on this razor. If I am not mistaken, only 100 are made, and mine has a serial number 079.

If you are actually considering it, don’t wait until it’s too late!

Hello Vojislav,

Thank you immensely for your review! I'm happy to hear that you are fully satisfied with our razor.

I'd like to take a moment to publicly clarify a common misconception: the razor is NOT a limited edition restricted to only 100 pieces. This was never stated by us, and the origin of this misinformation is unclear.
I feel it's important to set the record straight to manage expectations accurately for our future customers.


Oscar Wilde is credited with the quote, "A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing".

I see the Tedalus as more of a mirror into our inner shaver than anything else. Many Chinese and Japanese spend literal decades learning how to properly conduct their respective tea ceremonies. Not very economical or utilitarian if all you want is a cup of tea. Likewise, spending 4 hours for two servings of tea doesn't feel very practical, yet the ones I have participated in are highlights of my life (well not the first one, I was still a Western Barbarian :) ). We have the same thing with our relationship to shaving. Some of us see it as a chore to get through the day (well probably not reading this) and others see it as an avocation - a passionate interest or a secondary area of expertise that brings enjoyment and fulfillment that we spend an inordinate amount of time experiencing and pursuing (but never reaching) perfection. I can shave in under 10 minutes, but I most decidedly choose not to.

I have a kintsugi bowl that from a utilitarian perspective is probably worth a couple of bucks. It is basically broken pottery held together with gold-infused lacquer. Maybe $10 worth of material and a couple of hours of labor. So its actual costs exceed its utility from the get-go. But to me it is priceless. It is beautiful to my eyes. It helps me appreciate the beauty of imperfection and impermanence. It teaches me to value the history and journey of objects, embracing their flaws as part of their overall beauty. It speaks of all who came together, each bringing their skill, experience, and knowledge across time - from the original potter, to those who used it, to those who broke it, to those who honored it with the repair.

I see the same thing with the Velocity-ONE - a single person's pursuit of "perfection" achieved through a network of skills, knowledge, and experiences - even in the packaging. Though not on the same scale, the same passion created Tesla, SpaceX, the MacIntosh Computer, and other things where technology, art, passion, vision, and engineering all come together to create something special.

Yes, I ordered one as soon as I saw it and understood it. Probably shouldn't have, wife says it is my next 10 birthday presents (which is significant as I am 70 :) ). A tool I will enjoy using, looking at, and contemplating its existence. Priceless...I look forward to it being in the family for a long time.

Oh yes, it shaves wonderfully too! Smooth with a very slight blade feel so you know that it is working. Enough heft to shave itself with no pressure. My first shave (Dorco Prime, Barrister & Mann Melange) was an enjoyable 3 pass BBS that lasted over 12 hours.

Paul Schaffer
Exceptional Razor

My goal with a razor is to achieve 14+ hours of BBS level smoothness with no misses. The velocity-One provides an extremely close shave. It provided 14 hour shaves from the first shave, but I was shocked that I was getting razor burn. The shave is so smooth and efficient, that it caught me off guard. It took me 10 shaves to dial my technic in for this razor. Almost gave up on it. I thought I was using very little pressure initially, but this razor will teach one differently. Persistence persevered and I now get super smooth shaves that all last 14+ hours.
For me, it is not a razor that can be used for a carefree shave. It requires constant attention on lack of pressure. Maybe that will change with time.
I do not think I would change the design unless it was possible to achieve the same results without the extremely (for me) low pressure.
One criticism I have is with the stand. I did not purchase it because of its size and appearance. Looks like a sports trophy stand. A more elegant stand would be a better match for the Velocity-One.
Great job on an excellent razor design. The handle is beautiful and slip free. The head design is elegant. The performance is outstanding. The finish is first class.

Tedalus is a great shaver :)

Tedalus is a relatively expensive safety razor where the costs include not only an accessory in the form of a passport-styled booklet. Tedalus represents careful finishing. Subtle satin, brushing on the head, and polished accents on the handle and head. This must come at a cost. If someone in Europe claims to produce steel razors and sells them for 50 euros, they are not telling the truth. The cost of production and taxes, even in Eastern Europe, is so high that 100 euros for a European product is truly a good price. Tedalus is considered an expensive razor by many. However, for this quality and for a good shave, it's worth the investment. It's better to buy a good European product than a nice one from China. Let's respekt those who still produce in Europe.