We believe that straight razor shaving is so much more than just an old-fashioned way to shave. Especially in this hectic and fast-paced world, a straight razor shave is a great opportunity to disconnect, calm down, and recenter ourselves.
It’s an elegant and sustainable way to shave which underlines our individuality by turning our back on throw-away society and bringing more culture, sustainability, and originality into our lives.

That's why a straight razor shave is based on a much deeper philosophy:
Your clear decision to value yourself and your time as a luxury.


Why we created the Essence razor

Traditional straight razors are iconic, built out of high-quality materials and deliver an unique shaving experience. Unfortunately, they are challenging in maintaining a sharp edge.Having to constantly strop and sharpen your razor is chalanging to learn and a timeconsuming task once mastered.

Enter the Barber straight razor or shavette, which uses disposable blades to eliminate that tiresome post-shave maintenance.

The problem is that most shavettes on the market are cheap, practical tools. Often mass-produced using inferior materials, they lack the finesse, the craftsmanship and the unique shaving experiance that comes with a traditional straight-razor.

But do you need to compromise between a high-quality or low maintenance razor?

We don't believe that you do. So, we created something revolutionary with all the practicality of a shavette and with the kudos of the finest straight-razor.


Introducing Essence.

‍A precision shaving instrument, createt to give you a straight razor shaving experience in a replaceable blade format.

The idea behind the Essence razor was to take the design philosophy, the love for high-quality materials, and attention to details from high-end custom-made straight razors and combine them with the practical features of a modern shavette.

A razor that gives you the flexibility to use different razor blades types while at the same time retaining the classic aesthetic of a high-quality straight razor.
A razor that is crafted out of the finest materials to be sustainable and a lifelong investment.

To say we are proud of Essence is an understatement. It took three years of careful work to come to this point – but this is not the end. It’s just the beginning. 

We love what we do, so we’ve made it our mission to combine form and function in the art of shaving. Our aim is for men like you to transform their shaving from a chore into an empowering ritual.

‍Holding ourselves to the highest standards, we invested in each production step to produce a limited number of 333 exclusive razors. Turning away from mass production and throw-away trends, we ushered in a new and more sustainable grooming experience.




Owning high-quality items is an act of self-love. You are worth spending a little extra on yourself, and you deserve to have valuable things. Your self-confidence grows when you use something precious instead of a cheap, mass-produced product.
So we focus on creating the best products for men who value quality, design and craftsmanship because we believe that the joy of good quality lasts longer than the temporary joy of a low price.



Selecting quality over quantity is one of the easiest ways to live more sustainably. By buying less and making sure what you buy will last, you are choosing to be more sustainable.