How is my Essence razor made?
The Essence razor is CNC-machined.


Whats so special about the Essence razor?
Glad you asked. Our focus was not to make another mass-market everyday razor – there are plenty of those around already.

We wanted to create a razor that holds equilibrium in design and function. Every single piece of razor is individually CNC-machined out of a solid block of metal. Each one is hand-finished  by industry experts to be a lifelong investment.


What does limited production run "Limited edition" mean?
The current, first series of Essence razors are made in a limited production run of 333 razors.
After those 333 razors are sold, the Essence razor will never be done in that
exact version.
Future runs of the Essence razor will be made in different surface finishes or with different handle colors, shapes or materials.


Is shaving with the Essence razor safe?
Of course. Just be aware there’s a learning curve. If you have zero experience in shaving with a shavette, we recommend you start slowly and work your way up until you feel comfortable.


How do I take care of my Essence razor?

It’s simple but important. Dry it every single time you use it – both the body and the blade. This takes seconds and helps extend the life of your razor. 


If you’ve invested in a quality razor like Essence, do yourself a favor and get a stand to hold it. It not only displays your razor to its best advantage; it also prevents any moisture or other products from splashing on the blade or body. 


Even when you’re diligent, rust can sometimes develop. So, a solid washing routine is important to maintain it.


What razor blades can I use?
The Essence razor supports half double edge, Feather Artist Club - KAI, Dorco, and injector razor blades.


How do I load my razor?
The bladeholder and the cap are held together by two strong samarium-cobalt magnets. To open the razor simply slide off the cap, place a blade into the cap and push it back into the blade holder.





Will I have to pay any additional import taxes of fees if I'm not from Switzerland?

Prices are displayed without VAT Tax. When ordering from outside of Switzerland, you might pay import Taxes based on your Countries regulations.

For any delivery outside of Switzerland, you are considered to be an importer and you must respect the laws and regulations in force in the country where the goods are received. On arrival of the goods in your country, you shall be subject to import taxes and duties. You are responsible for any additional customs clearance costs. We have no control over these costs and have no knowledge of their amount. Customs policies vary from one country to the next and we advise you to get information from your local customs authority.


Where do you ship from?
We ship from Switzerland.


What's my return policy?
We offer a 30 day return. To get a full refund the razor must be unused and sent back to us in it's original packaging within 30 days of you receiving your razor.




How much warranty do I have?
We’re proud tosay that every razor is backed by a 10 year warranty.