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Essence razor
Martin Walsh

Thanks for the opportunity to own and use this amazing razor well designed and lovely to look at
Feels good in the hand and gives a great shave every time with the replaceable blade
Well done Manuel

The very essence of a straight razor...

I have been shaving with the Essence for a couple of weeks now and I am very pleased with the build quality, design and with its super tight tolerances. It shouts quality when you have it in your hand and the shave also has the quality feel of a freshly honed straight razor with perfect balance.
I found it very easy to load the Feather Pro Super AC blades which I have found to be the best AC blade in this razor (for me) because it feels very much like shaving with one of my straight razor's with the head of the razor just brushing my skin so it was very easy to find the correct angle almost straight away.
I love my Feather DX kamisori using the same blade and I will continue to use it in rotation because I like the feel of shaving with a kamisori (non folding) AC razor and i would
really love to see a kamisori version of this razor in the future but until then I will be more than happy to shave with this outstandingly beautiful razor that makes me look forward to my next shave!
I love this razor, thank you!

Essence razor incl. Stand
Brian Galbraith
The Rolls Royce of Shavettes

I have used and do own many upper tier shavettes. This was something I just had to have. Functionally and aesthetically was a retirement gift and will be forever treasured. Even if I never used is a work of art. Just over the moon¬!

Hello Brian

Thank you very much for your review! I'm happy to hear that you like the Essence razor!
I wish you many more great shaves!

Essence razor incl. Stand
Josh the barber
Best razor I’ve used

I’ve been barbering for over 10 years and have lost count of how many razors I’ve used over that time, this is by far the best I have used, I use a DE blade on all my customers unless I’m performing a full shave.

Thank you so much for this great review Josh!

Razor Stand
Paul Blackmore

The Tedalus razor is too pretty to be hidden away and too artistic to be left just lying on a shelf so this really is the only appropriate way to display it. It's very solid and well-crafted and whilst expensive it's practically essential.

Essence razor incl. Stand
The Best Shavette There Is - And By Quite a Margin

I’ve owned quite a few shavettes over the years, and none of them shaves nearly as well as the Essence. In my experience, the Essence shave will be smoother, closer, more comfortable, and way more fun. The narrow spine – one of many carefully thought out design features – lets you hold the razor flatter against the face, as you would with a straight razor. That flatter, shallower shave angle is a big part of the magic that lets you feel the Essence difference from shave #1. Other important engineering features include excellent balance, deeply excavated top and bottom jimps, a no fuss magnetic loading system, and a blade design shaped to allow an easy, flexible hold. And if that is not enough, there is also the elegance – an elegance that happens when superb engineering allows form to follow function with exceptional grace. Either by itself, and especially with the stand, this razor is beautiful – a very handsome addition to any shave den.

Thank you so much for this great review!
I'm happy to hear that you like the Essence razor :)!
I wish you many more great shaves with it!

Razor Stand
Gianfranco Ghibaudo

I bought the stand. Arrived in a short time, very beautiful and functional, the Tedalus cannot be without its stand, so I recommend it.

Thank you very much for your review!

Essence razor
Scott Rohrbach
Time for you to get one!

I'm not sure how start this review, so lets talk about the design/engineering first. For me, the designed is made for the way I hold a razor, the way I shave. The "divot" between the heel and shank is ideal for placing my thumb when doing close followup strokes after my 2nd or 3rd pass. The tang (tail) length is ideal because I hold the razor with 1 finger on the shank and 3 on the tang. Holding it this way gives me great control when shaving around my nose and chin.
Lastly, the beauty of this razor is just second to none,has no equal.


Thank you so much for your review!
I wish you many more great shaves!

Essence razor incl. Stand
David Lopez rizo sanchez
It's worth what it costs.

I'm new to this, I've never shaved with a barber's razor.
I liked it a lot, I didn't cut myself.
I highly recommend it.
The design in general is excellent and yes, it is premium.
It is worth every penny and I am very happy.

Thank you Manuel.

Thank you so much for your review David!
I'm really happy to hear that you love the razor.
I wish you many more great shaves.

One of the best shavettes on the market.

Stunning shavette. The design is an absolute triumph. Stunning to look at, it is a perfect combination of art and function.

The magnetic clasp is absolute genius. It take a a bit of getting used to, but once you do you will begin to wonder why every shavette doesn't use this system.

Shaves are excellent. Non irritating and you can shave with a shallower angle than any other shavette that I know of.

Overall excellent.

Hello Michael
Thank you very much for the review!
We're happy to hear that you like our Essence razor.
I wish you many more great shaves.

Essence razor
Obelit Yadgar
A Royal Champ

Something about the Tedalus Essence caught my attention and I kept going back to it. Maybe the blade's design, or the deep thumb notch, I'm not sure. The big price gave me the chills. I didn't particularly care for the long tang, and I though the handle was too long , but I figured they came with the package and that the package looked enticing overall. In the end I had to have the razor. I've shaved with the traditional straight razor for many years, and I've also enjoyed my Feather Artist Club razors immensely. The Tedalus Essence well complements my Artist Club razor collection. What a remarkable shaver this razor is. The Essence, like the Feather, is still not as forgiving as the traditional straight razor. So watch your pressure and angle. I still don't like the long tang and also think the handle is a little too long, but the close and comfortable shave makes up for those short comings. Actually, the razor is still comfortable in my small hands. Go figure. Most of all, I really like having the Essence in my shave den. It's a fabulous razor.

Thank you very much for the review and for sharing your opinion with us!
We're happy to hear that you like the overall package.
I wish you many more great shaves.

Essence razor
Mark Percy Hansen
Perfect balance and soo smooth

I have been using Feather AC and KAI shavettes, both folding and Kamisoi style before buying the Tedalus Essence.

I have been shaving with it a couple of times now. The Essence is rapidly growing on me, as it is very intuitive to use, very smooth and is perfectly balanced. It feels like a natural extension of my hand, and is at least on par with my other shavettes.

Very well done Manuel!

If I could have two wishes, it would be a Kamisori version and a choice of wooden scales as I love the feeling and look of that.

Thank you very much for your review and your kind words, Mark!
We're happy to hear that you like our Essence razor!
I wish you many more great shaves.

Amazing Razor

The design of this razor is amazing! The magnetized head is an innovative design while the razor has an amazing balance and grip. Please make this in a kamisori style, I will buy!

Thank you so much for your review Tim!
I wish you many more great shaves.

Essence razor
Ola N Sweden
A Masterpiece

I have been a wet shaver for many years. Ideally I would like to use a straight razor, but I do not have the time for everything around (stropping, honing etc). So in addition to 2 DE razors, Rex Ambassador and Rockwell 6S, the shavette has become my choice. Very close to the feeling of a straight razor and always perfect sharpness. I have several Feather Artist Club DX that I’m very happy with. But then by chance I got to know about Tedalus. The more I read, the more curious I became and finally I could not resist buying it. Now I have been using it for almost 2 months and I can only say: Wow!!! A real masterpiece. First-class material straight through and as close to the feeling of a razor as you can ever get. Perfect balance and a real beauty to look at. If I have to find some cons, the 10-year warranty is not so generous. Both the Rex Ambassador and the Rockwell 6S have a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, I find some tool marks that make the finish not top notch. But it does not affect the use at all.
So… I lift my hat and bow my head for Manuel who created this completely unique shavette. I can highly recommend it for purchase. Actually I’m considering buying another to have a spare one. I try to have that for everything I love. Except for my wife lol. (But I have to kids…).

Wow! Thank you very much for this detailed review.
We're happy to hear that you love our Essence razor.
I wish you many more great shaves.

Traumhaft schönes Messer für traumhafte Rasuren

Aufmerksam geworden durch das tolle und außergewöhnliche Design - die Klingen anderer Wechselklingenmesser sind doch ziemlich ähnlich - habe ich zugeschlagen. Versand nach Deutschland ging sehr fix - nach fünf Tagen hielt ich mein Messer in den Händen. Anfangs war ich wegen des sehr schmalen Erls musste ich mich beim Halten und Führen des Messers etwas umgewöhnen. Ich habe aber das Gefühl, dass die Kontrolle viel besser ist. Oberfläche und Riffel machen ein Abrutschen unmöglich. Das Einlegen der Klingen funktioniert reibungslos - der starke Magnet weckt Vertrauen. Meine anderen Messer nutze ich kaum noch.

Hallo Christian

Wow! Vielen Dank für Deine Bewertung!
Es freut uns sehr, dass Dir unser Essence Rasiermesser solche Freude bereitet.

Best shavette razor

I have never used such a great razor like Essence!Excellent design,perfect balance,and tight tolerances,make the experience infinitely close to a real straight razor.I think I will ditch my other razors...

Thank you Rugal!
Thank you so much for your review!
I wish you many more great shaves!

Essence razor
Wladislaw Garschenin
Ein Rasiermesser der in seiner Klasse konkurrenzlos ist.

Die makellose Verarbeitung des Rasiermessers ist sehr wertig.
Die Geometrie des Rasiermessers ist sehr abgestimmt und verzeiht für Anfänger unheimlich viele Fehler beim rasieren, den richtigen Rasierwinkel findet man ganz schnell.
Die Verwendung von Single Blades (SE) sowie double Edge Blades bringen noch mehr Vorteile für das Rasiermesser.
Aus meiner Sicht könnte der Griff des Rasiermessers etwas kleiner ausfallen um das Rasiermesser noch bessere Balance zu verleihen.
Von mir eine klare Empfehlung!

Hallo Wladislaw
Vielen Dank für Deine Bewertung!

Excellent product!!!

The Tedalus Essence is an excellent product. Expensive but worth it!
Beautiful in form and function. I particularly like the elongated tang (tail) and the pronounced jimping giving it a nice grip and balance. Very well made, easy to load and shaves very well with differing blade formats.

As a straight razor shaver I never enjoyed Shavettes, however Tedalus has changed that. The best Shavette I have used without question.

Just to add, Manual was a true gentlemen regarding my purchase, patiently answered questions, shipped very quickly and even gave me a discount.
Many thanks Manuel and Tedalus. :)

Hello Chris

Your're welcome :). Thank you very much for your review! I'm happy to hear that you like the Essence razor!
I wish you many more great shaves!

Essence razor

Absolutely love the Essence! This is undoubtedly an amazing work of art and function. Worth every dollar, just now want to find a matching shaving brush!

Thank you Cameron!
Happy to hear that you like your razor!
I wish you many more great shaves!

Essence stand

Just a beautiful match to the perfect razor.

I’d recommend those looking to get a razor to also include the stand.

Thank you so much for your second order and the review!

Stunning in design, and execution!

I am an occasional open blade user. I find the Essence a joy to use. the weight and balance encourage me to use it more often than the DX. Good job, Tedalus!

Thank you so much for your review!

Love it.

I’ve been using this beauty for about a month now and I absolutely love it. I ordered it with the stand and the combination is stunning. I’m a fan of the feather AC blades so I was intrigued by this razor. The design is gorgeous and it’s a pleasure to shave with. Honestly, the seam between the front me back plates of the razor is hardly perceptible. The razor is thin and not at all bulky. I love the multiple blade option ( but I’ll keep using the feathers). Congratulations to Manuel on making a great razor I will treasure for years to come.

Thank you so much for your review Marco!
I'm really happy to hear that you love the razor.
I wish you many more great shaves.

Essence razor incl. Stand
David Eisenhuth
Wonderfully Engineered and Beats out the Feather DX

A wonderful concept and typical European Sexy. As a Master Barber I can see getting another one for the shop, in those cases where time does not allow for a regualr straight razor shave for clients. Although the Feather DX is wonderful, this has all the "Right Stuff" and is better in my opinion. Some May scoff at the price, but how well it's form function and user friendly functionality make it the best. I will never probably use all the blade options, but it is nice to have that availability. It provides a wonderful shave, and the stand alone is worth the price of admission.
As a Shaving Forum owner, and having been a straight razor user for decades, I see a Ton of New Products, and this one really hits the mark.

Only one small complaint, as my razor came with some blemishes on the "blade" mostly looks like some tool marks and will not rub out, but not enough to be upset about.

I Recommend this for both personal and professional use, and I will probably pick one up for my Barber Shop YouTube video placeholder

Hello David
Thank you so much for your detailed, review, the picture, and the video!
I wish you many more great shaves with the razor!

Essence razor
Mary Von Westphalen
One of a kind razor

First of all, the costumer service was astonishing. So helpful in so many ways. My husband opened his birthday present and was so overwhelmed. He said it was the best razor he‘s ever had in his hand. And he‘s had a few….
Definitely worth the money!!

Thank you so much, Mary, for your review.
We're happy to hear that your husband was overwhelmed with his present!
Thank you again for your order.

Razor Stand
Jack Katzman
The perfect Match

I wasn't going to spend the money but I got a coupon so I decided why not. The Essence and the holder look like art work on the counter. The holder does not disappoint. It's as ascetic as the Essence and the quality is exceptional. Holds the razor snug. WELL DONE!

Dear Jack
Thank you very much for your review!