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Launch: December 3rd

Enhancing Your Shaving Exeperience

Drawing inspiration from the thrilling world of motorsport, the Velocity-One transcends the definition of a mere safety razor. It stands as a testament to self-confidence, ingenious design, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Every contour and subtle line mirrors the aerodynamic sophistication of the world's finest racing machines. Boasting a precision-engineered silhouette head paired with a distinctively tapered cylindrical handle, the Velocity-One is birthed from the marriage of advanced multi-axis CNC technology and the time-honored art of hand polishing. Together, they form a masterpiece, epitomizing the zenith of art and engineering.


Crafted with Swiss precision, the Velocity-One is a testament to unparalleled quality and design.


Engineered with 0.02 mm precision CNC machining.


Constructed from 316L stainless steel, the Velocity-One is a lifelong investment.


Each Velocity-One razor is hand-polished to perfection, reflecting a dedication to superior finish.


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STAND: Stand included

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The Circullar Precision

The top cap and baseplate, when combined, manifest a symphony of symmetry, achieving a perfectly harmonized circular shape. Such artistry is realized through an incredibly advanced and intricate CNC machining process, wielding extreme precision with tolerances as fine as 0.02 mm. Furthermore, the mirror-polished surfaces ensure a smooth and comfortable glide, enhancing the shaving experience to unparalleled levels.

The Pinnacle of Surface Finishing

The brushed & hand-polished finish speaks to hours of meticulous labor, embodying a process where patience meets passion, resulting in an unparalleled aesthetic brilliance.


Sculpted Grip, Spiraled Elegance

The handle, a testament to refined craftsmanship, boasts a signature tapered cylindrical form that elegantly extends from end to end. Intricately graced with a spiral diamond knurling, it offers an enhanced grip that feels both luxurious and secure. Beyond its striking aesthetics, this complex and mesmerizing pattern stands as a hallmark of advanced engineering, made possible only by the precision of multi-axis CNC machines.

Unparalleled Balance

Within lies a hollow core, meticulously calibrated to provide an intuitive balance in hand. A fusion of design, technology, and purpose.


The Velocity-One safety razor is fully compatible with standard double-edge blades. These blades are not just versatile but easily accessible, available atmultiple retailers and online stores worldwide—ensuring that wherever life takes you, the superior shaving experience of the Velocity-One remains effortlessly within reach.


Create Your Own Empomwering Ritual

Transform your shave into an empowering ritual. Artfully designed, each glide offers unparalleled smoothness and efficiency. It's not just about grooming—it's an act that fuels your day with focus and energy, blending tradition with modern elegance in every glide.




316 L Stainless Steel

316 L Stainless Steel


Mirror polished & brushed

Mirror polished & brushed


112 g

3.95 oz


98 mm

3.85 in


45 mm

1.77 in


Crafted from premium material with the utmost attention to detail.

Choosing the Velocity-One Razor is not merely a purchase; it's a lifelong investment in quality and self-care. This razor goes beyond being a simple grooming tool; it embodies a long-term commitment to superior performance and durability.

Your Journey Etched in Steel.

Each Velocity-ONE Razor is more than a tool; it's a piece of art with its own identity. Every razor comes with a unique number and a certificate of authenticity, marking its individuality.

Engraved Serial Number

On top of the baseplate of your Velocity-ONE Razor, you'll find an engraved model and serial number, making your razor truly unique.

Cerftificate of Authenticity

In addition to useful information about the Velocity Razor, the product pass also includes a certificate of authenticity.

Lifetime Warranty Card

Each Velocity-One Razor comes with a lifetime warranty, as indicated on a matching warranty card included with your razor.


Located in Lucerne, the heart of Switzerland, Tedalus stands as a testament to the blend tradition and contemporary aesthetics. We are dedicated to crafting exceptional grooming instruments that merge time-honored traditions with modern design.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My humble opinion

I have received word of a few people that I know who are very pleased they bought a velocity razor. I don’t want to be accused of being a fanboy so I refrained from posting a lot about the razor on the forums. I helped a tiny little bit by testing all the pre end product models the past year. Manuel is the one who did all the work and design and in my opinion just as with the Tedalus Essence shavette this is another great succes. It does sadden me that even before the razor went on sale that people posted negative comments such as it’s too mild, the handle is no good, etc …. Please don’t comment on stuff that you have never hold or shaved with.

I really like the look and feel of the razor, handle is just perfect for me (Manuel got this right from the very start and it was never changed). The blade doesn’t protrude from the sides, blade is hold very tight and secure. The form asked for a rather small part where you screw the cap on but if you don’t mistreat it it should last a lifetime.

Over more then 50 years in the shave hobby more then 300 razors have been used and since I’m not a collector I only keep the best of the best. The velocity is one of only 6 razors that make up my shaveden. For me it shaves like a dream, two passes and I’m super smooth. Also one of only 2 razors that allow me to shave my head without opening my war scars without having to pay attention to them. It’s not mild but feels like it, just the way I like it.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Manuel, thanks for the opportunity you offered me in testing. On to the next project, I’m sure it will be great!


Rasoio ed efficacia Top, di livello assoluto

Chris van Meer

This is by far the best razor handle that I have ever wielded.
It all just adds up and it makes total sense.

It is the most ergonomic handle that I have held, the weight distribution is spot on, the angle is super easy to get, the shave is extremely comfortable, without any noticeable blade feel and it is really effective. Mind you that the razor comes with a pack of Feather blades, I use Polsivers for all of my non-AC razors.

The razor stand tops off the luxurious feeling, being as hefty as it is.
From the moment you open the package till you are finished with your shave, you will feel like the king of the world.

Velocity-One ~ it shaves as good as it looks

I own many high end Double Edge Razors (perhaps too many) and I honestly believe I’ve found my holy grail razor. Performance, feel, balance, quality and precision are all superb. One word flawless.

Smooth and Efficient

When this razor was leaked along with its price tag, some were shocked and some were skeptical, including myself. After talking to Manuel, who designed this razor, and hearing about the vision, passion, and attention to detail in making this, I looked into it some more. I liked the level of detail, finish, and design. Having owned high end knives, firearms, and watches, I appreciated the craftsmanship that went into this. But does it shave?

I am pleased to say it does, and it does so well. It was very efficient with moderate blade feel. I normally prefer more blade feel and aggression, but with my irritated neck, I was pleased that it was comfortable but still efficient. 3 pass BBS. Alum block revealed minor stinging at the edges of my jawline.

The rounded edges of the base plate took some used to because if not careful one can slip their hand and lose grip when tightening the head to the handle. Setting it down on the side also needs some caution so it doesn’t tip over. Putting a towel on the sink would be ideal for that situation.

My only suggestion is to make the diamond knurling of the handle a bit deeper. When my hands are wet it still provides decent grip, but when they are wet and soapy it gets slippery. The concave shape of the handle does help keep it in place by just tightening the grip. Overall this is a really nice shaving razor and I am happy with it. The price point of the Velocity-One is in line with high end razors such as Wolfman and Atelier Durdan, which I feel is justified given that it is just as well crafted and finished, and it gives a smooth and close shave.